Are Segways available for private tours and other events?
Yes. Segs By The Sea offers a number of private Segway experiences including private tours, self-guided tours and Segway rentals for private events. We can accommodate a variety of special requests. For more information, please contact us.

What are the age and weight restrictions to ride a Segway?
Although riding a Segway is relatively easy, corporate policy requires that all riders be at least 12 years of age (an adult or guardian must accompany children under 18). Also, riders should have the ability to make motions such as climbing and descending stairs without assistance. Our Segway models are not appropriate for those weighing under 79 pounds or over 260 pounds.

Is the tour suitable for pregnant women?
No, pregnant women are not allowed to ride Segways for safety reasons.

What is a Segway?
A Segway is the first self-balancing, electric-powered transportation device. With dimensions no larger than the average adult body and the ability to emulate human balance, the Segway uses the same space as a pedestrian, and can go wherever a person can walk.

Can more than one person ride at a time?
No. Unfortunately, Segways are single person vehicles.

How does a Segway work?
This breakthrough technology, termed “dynamic stabilization,” is the essence of the Segway models. Dynamic stabilization enables the Segway to work seamlessly with the body’s movements. Gyroscopes and tilt sensors in the unit monitor a rider’s center of gravity at about 100 times a second. When the rider leans slightly forward, the Segway moves forward. When the rider leans slightly back, the Segway moves backward.

How do I learn to ride a Segway?
All customers are required to take a 15-20 minute hands-on training session to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Riders are trained on Segway operation and emergency stops. All riders are required to wear a safety helmet.

How safe is a Segway?
The utmost care and research has gone into ensuring that each Segway model is safe. The Segway’s balancing technology is truly revolutionary and provides an exceptional riding experience. Segways have redundant systems and sophisticated alerts built into its design, and many thousands of hours of use have demonstrated that the Segways are safe when used appropriately. It is important that Segway riders understand their responsibility to ride safely. Proper skill level and understanding of the Segway prevents injuries caused by loss of control or misuse.

Do I have to sign a waiver?
All Segway riders must sign a liability waiver before participating. Riders under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign for them.

Do I have to wear a helmet?
Yes, our policy is that all participants must wear a helmet. One will be provided to you free of charge.

What should I wear?
Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, as you will be on your feet for the entire time. Generally it is warm and sunny during our tours so you’ll want to protect your skin and consider wearing a hat or visor and bringing sunscreen. In case of rain, a poncho is useful. Umbrellas are not suitable as you will need both hands to ride the Segway.


Refund/Rescheduling Policy

Non-refundable, cannot be rescheduled.
Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded and cannot be rescheduled because your space is being guaranteed at the event.

Weather Policy

Activity may be cancelled due to severe weather.
The activity usually runs in light rain and other moderate weather conditions, but the seller may cancel the activity up to an hour before the start time in the event of severe or unsafe weather conditions. If the seller cancels the event, ticket-holders will be allowed to reschedule tickets (subject to availability) or receive credit for a future event.

Other Policies

All participants must sign a waiver.
All participants are required to sign a liability waiver before taking the tour. Participants under the age of 18 must have an adult or guardian sign the waiver for them. All participants are required to wear helmets during the tour which will be provided by Segs by the Sea at no additional charge.

All participants must meet age and weight requirements.
All Segway riders must be age 12 or older and those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian. Each rider must weigh at least 79 pounds and no more than 260 pounds.

Not suitable for pregnant women. 
Unfortunately, for safety reasons, pregnant women are not allowed to participate in Segway tours.